Tyrone "TY" Amos         

Ty is employed with the Transportation Security Administration as Project Manager of Facilities Management and is a very active 32 degree Member of the order of Prince Hall Masons.  A resident of 4230 Hildreth Street SE,  Ward 7 for 44 years. Ty attended and graduated from Davis Elementary; Sousa Junior High and; Anacostia High School. He also attended Bowie State University.  He worked at the Ridge Road Community Center Summer Youth Program for three years (1969 – 1972).  In fact, this was his first summer job and it developed the skills he would later need to direct this institution. 

Ty along with a group of concerned citizens advocate to reopen Ridge Road Recreation Center seven years ago after the Department of Parks and Recreation closed the facility. He was instrumental in forming the Ridge Road Parents Association, where is served as Executive Director.   Ty, other board members and community leaders worked related issues to help win back the streets in Ward 7and as a result, the community experienced a significant reduction in crime.  Ty’s motto is “Take back our streets and save as many kids as possible in the process.”  He and Mike Washington took on the task of attending City Council meetings, Advisory Neighbor Council meetings, and Community Summits, one-on-one talks with Councilman Vincent Gray and numerous Ward 7 pastors.  Even though his road was long and arduous and sometimes frustrating, he soldiered on and was rewarded with the first phase of their vision: a 2.6 million dollar Turf Field Complex and 8 million dollars from the Capital Funds Budget to be used to erect a new facility on the current site of the Ridge Road Community Center in 2010.  Ty believes that if you “TRUST IN GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE….AS ONE PEOPLE WE CAN ACCOMPLISH SO MUCH...AND THE LOOK ON A  CHILD’S FACE SAYS SO MUCH.